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Jun. 28th, 2017 08:05 pm
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Posting Guidelines
  • Place all large images behind a cut-tag. Preview images may be posted, but must not exceed 200 x 200 pixels in size and must be Safe For Work.

  • Be sure to use the following Posting Format when posting artwork to the community:

    Title: (you MUST place a title here)
    Content Notes: (list warnings here, materials used, etc.)

  • Please make use of the community's Tags when posting.


Frequently Asked Questions

About The Community

1. Is this community for Fan-artists and Fan-art only?

While the community is a place for Fan-artists to gather, the works posted by Fan-artists are not limited to Fan-art. Non-Fandom-related art, (ie. Original artwork) may also be posted.

2. Is this community for Digital artists?

Yes, drawings using both Digital and Traditional media may be posted to this community.

About Posting Content

1. Can Photo-Manipulations and Cropped Images be posted to the community?

No, this community is focused on drawn artwork. Photo-manipulated and cropped images do not fall into the category of drawn art.

2. Can drawn images be posted to the community?

Yes, however all large images must be placed behind a cut-tag. Thumbnail images no larger than 200 x 200 pixels may be placed outside the cut-tag as a Preview.

3. Can images rated "Not Safe For Work" or with Adult content be posted to this community?

Yes, however all images with Explicit content must be placed behind a cut-tag. Thumbnail images may be posted, as long as the NSFW/Adult content portion is not visible or has been cropped out completely.

About Weekly Challenges

1. Where can artwork be submitted for the Weekly Challenges?

Members can submit art for a challenge by either:
(A) Posting an art Entry to the community using the Posting Format at the top of this page, or
(B) Replying in the original Challenge Post with artwork in the Comments section.

2. Can artwork be submitted after the Weekly Challenge has been closed?

Yes, the Weekly Challenges will remain open to artwork submissions after the Round-Up post at the end of each week. These drawing challenges will not be closed. There is no deadline date.

3. I have more than one idea for the Weekly Challenge. Can I post multiple artworks for a challenge?

Yes, any number of artworks may be posted for the Weekly Challenges, either in separate posts or all together in one entry.

4. I don't have the time to create elaborate artworks. Will quick doodles be acceptable for the Weekly Challenges?

Yes, artwork ranging from simple sketches to fully completed works may be posted to the community. The main point of the challenges is to get your creativity going, and everyone needs to start somewhere. So start small and simple, and then continue forward from there.


If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to your administrators [personal profile] goss or [personal profile] mific via DW message. Thank you. :)


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