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Apr. 19th, 2019 08:10 am
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Talking about Discovery, I've had it in the back of my mind to point out -- okay, complain -- that as much as I like Rebecca Romijn as Number One, she's significantly younger than Majel Barrett when she played the role.

Only ... I just checked. Barrett was 32 when "The Cage" was filmed. Romijn was 44/45 when season 2 of Disco filmed. (She's now 46.)

Likewise, I did complain about Mia Kirshner being too young to play Amanda, and in her early 40s, she is much too young to play the mother of Michael (29-30) and Spock (late 20s). But she is also just 13 years younger than Jane Wyatt was when "Journey to Babel" filmed, which isn't far off the "ten years before TOS" timeline.

(I figured they cast Amanda on the youthful side because her first appearance was in a flashback to Michael at about 22, and it's easier and cheaper to age a younger actor up than an older actor down. But Kirshner also looks a lot like Wyatt -- moreso than Winona Ryder, in my opinion -- and I kind of like that they aren't bothering to age her up or down. We mostly see her through her children's perspective, and to them, she's constant.)

Anyone who has watched Classic Doctor Who knows that -- for various reasons of lifestyle, experience, diet and access to skincare products -- people seemed to age faster in the sixties. And that's without getting into the relatively subtle plastic surgery options available now. But ALSO I am really, really bad at estimating people's ages, in any era.

(I've also realised it doesn't do to get too caught up in linking actor and character ages with Disco. Saru is about Michael's age; Doug Jones is in his late fifties. Tilly cannot be more than 23 at the absolute most; Mary Wiseman is in her thirties. Michelle Yeoh is two years older than Jason Isaacs, but Georgiou was at the Academy with Pike, and Anson Mount is ten years Yeoh's junior -- and it's easier to assume Yeoh is younger than Mount is older.)

(All this is only a problem if, say, you had headcanonned a timeline for who was at the Academy when, how they overlapped and how that impacted their relationships, and you're still coming to terms with having to throw it all away and start over.)

Meanwhile, separately, casting for the Picard series is still coming out, and people are going, "Oh my God, the majority of the cast are in their thirties, this is going to be a teen drama!" Turns out some fans really did think it was going to be TNG 2.0. 

My LJ stats

Apr. 18th, 2019 11:18 pm
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Saw this pop-up all over my flist, so obviously I had to collect my own stats to celebrate LiveJournal's 20th birthday. True to their new style LJ put a lot of white space in the image they created, I couldn't post that straight from their celebration post (which also has the most in your face lay-out, beware of that if you want to collect your own stats at - that huge thing would totally ruin the esthetic of my Dreamwidth and LiveJournal *grins*. I tweaked the look of the banner a little, but did not adjust the numbers:


Happy Birthday, LiveJournal, despite everything you still have my heart.
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(I took care to give no obvious spoilers about the story)

Title: 活撃 刀剣乱舞 4 (on 読書メーター)
Author: 津田穂波 (Tsuda Honami)
Illustrator: 津田穂波 (Tsuda Honami)
Language: Japanese
Series: Katsugeki Toukenranbu
Reviews for other books in this series (up till now):
- 活撃/刀剣乱舞 #1 (Katsugeki Toukenranbu #1, Japanese manga, English review)
- 活撃/刀剣乱舞 #2 (Katsugeki Toukenranbu #2, Japanese manga, English review)
- 活撃/刀剣乱舞 #3 (Katsugeki Toukenranbu #3, Japanese manga, English review)
Format of publication: paperback
Number of pages: 188
Publisher: 集英社
Year published: original 2019, my edition 2019 (1st edition)
ISBN number: 9784088817309
Topics: swords-turned-human trying to prevent history from being changed, Sakamoto Ryouma
Reason for reading: I enjoyed the previous three Toukenranbu Katsugeki manga.
Recommended: Only if you've read the previous three volumes.
Buy / Borrow / Bypass: Buy if you've bought the other ones, borrow if you've borrowed the other ones, bypass if you haven't read the other books yet :P

Short summary:
Tonbokiri's wounds have healed enough, so Izuminokami's group can go on their next mission. Now they have to save Sakamoto Ryouma, who was the previous owner of Mutsunokami.

Back cover text:


First page:
Izuminokami and Kunihiro are sitting next to a river.
Izuminokami: 「蜻蛉切
Izuminokami: 元気ねぇな・・・
Kunihiro: 「ねぇ
Kunihiro: 「そっか・・・」

The stories in this volume correspond to the second half of anime episode 8, and episodes 9 and 10. In these stories, the main point of interest is that some swords are meeting their former owners. Mutsunokami was the sword of Sakamoto Ryouma, whom they have to protect in their next mission.

This time, history is changed by the Jikansokougun so much, that Mutsunokami meets Ryouma while he hadn't planned on it! It is interesting to see their interaction - Mutsunokami doesn't want to talk, because his dialect will reveal where he is from, but Ryouma doesn't notice that he's talking to his sword-turned-human... Their goal is to keep Sakamoto Ryouma alive, even though it goes a bit differently than expected!
However, after that, the real Hijikata Toshizou also appears on the scene. This has more influence on Hijikata's swords Izuminokami and Kunihiro than they would like to admit, especially on Kunihiro.
However, Izuminokami also remembers his last moments with Hijikata as a sword, which was an especially nicely drawn scene.

It's not the strongest book in this series, but the scenes where Mutsunokami is talking with Sakamoto Ryouma and the scenes with Hijikata and Izuminokami and Kunihiro are nice!

Writing style:
It is similar to the other manga volumes, but of course there's more Tosa-dialect as Mutsunokami plays a larger role in this mission.
There are no large explanation text balloons. The text and art is quite balanced. Sometimes there are also frames without text, especially during the fights.

The backgrounds in this volume are a lot more noticeable, but that was also because the location is important: Kyoto! For example, the small streets in Kyoto where it's difficult to swing large weapons.

It's a book you should only read when you've read the other books, as the first chapter finishes the story started in volume 3. The other two stories are about the swords' former owners and how they react to it, which is interesting to read (especially now the Jikansokougun is also changing history more than Konnosuke expected!).
Looking at the anime episode list on Wikipedia, it looks like volume 5 will be the last one (there are 13 episodes in total for the Katsugeki anime).

In a series re-read.

Name meme

Apr. 18th, 2019 06:20 pm
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A bit of fun snaffled from [personal profile] goss and using their adaptation:
With added fun factor of guessing what words the M pictures represent
Rules - Every answer must start with the first letter of your middle name.
goss meme-1v
Girl's name:
Boy's name:
Something you wear:
Reason to be late:
Job title:

Animal: Manatee
Girl's name: Marie (I went with M because I never use my actual middle names)
Boy's name: (El) Mariachi. A little cheat to use a pic of the gorgeous Antonio.
Color: Magenta
Food: Mashed potato (yum!)
Something you wear: Mask
Drink: mango juice
Place: Malham Cove (Yorkshire)
Restaurant: Miller's Fish & Chips
Reason to be late: Memory malfunction
Job title: mhizha - which is Shona for artist! Technically I don't have a job but I do get paid occasionally for painting so... 

comment amnesty

Apr. 18th, 2019 01:16 pm
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i have rsi flare so 1 hand typing only, will re[ply to ppl later

also hunkerted dowm due to tormado watch lol

styay safe ppl

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Apr. 18th, 2019 09:28 am
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Last night I did the group hike I'd been preparing for. Since I was sick on Monday I couldn't do another test hike on Tabor to make sure I was up to it and I still had a bit of a headache. I nearly ditched, but didn't.

The hike was 5.6 miles, 950 feet of elevation change.

I signed up because this was supposed to be a hike for people testing new gear and who wanted to linger at spots and take photographs. The pace was brisk and we didn't really take breaks except at the top and for people to catch up. We got a very late start because some of the people coming got stuck in traffic, that may have been part of why the group was so eager to get to the top. This was a good group. I like them. This was nothing like that horrible, super pressuring Mazamas training hike I did. Still, hiking with them is pretty much out of my reach for now.

The good: I did the hike. I dealt with the muddy, unstable trails. I managed to go back down at a good clip which is something that is hard for me. I wasn't left exhausted or with any body parts screaming at me due to overuse.

The bad: I had to push myself to keep up. I pushed myself a bit more than I should have. My fastest pace was barely enough to not be causing problems. I still can't do hiking as a social thing. If I want to keep hiking I will be still going solo. This group does once a month 'injury recovery hikes' which are extra slow for people who are rehabbing from sports injuries. I can do those, but that is about it.

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Apr. 17th, 2019 10:14 pm
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Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 58

How many of you hated The Giving Tree and/or that horrible book with the fish that has to give away its scales?

View Answers

51 (87.9%)

No, and I will tell you why in comments.
4 (6.9%)

Let me tell you about another popular children's book I hated!
2 (3.4%)

Ticky the tiki bar
19 (32.8%)

Something else I will explain in comments
2 (3.4%)

A tiny fun link, and bingo cards

Apr. 9th, 2019 10:59 am
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A new way of combining kittens and Guardian: this made me smile so, so much. ♥

My prompts for April's crossover challenge on [community profile] hc_bingo:
begging forced to hurt somebody
apocalypse sex pollen

And under the cut, my card for [profile] genpromptbingo
Read more... )

Now trying to work out what I can reasonably cross Guardian with to hit one of the H/C bingo prompts....

Another [community profile] fluffbingo Fill Posted

Apr. 17th, 2019 09:31 pm
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Pointless fluff, for the prompt: dinner. One more prompt to go and I will have a line. :)

Title/Link: Fifty
Fandom: Quantum Leap
Prompt: Dinner
Characters: Donna Elesee, Al Calavicci, Katie Beckett, Sam Beckett, Beth Calavicci, Tom Beckett
Summary: Donna plans a surprise for Sam for his fiftieth birthday.


Apr. 17th, 2019 08:22 pm
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Jane Portal's Korea: Art and Archaeology, in summing up the Imjin War, repeats the inaccurate old saw about how the deciding factor in the naval battles was the geobukseon (turtle ships). There were never enough of the damn things; the fleets were mostly paneokseon. Really, besides the paneokseon, it was superior naval doctrine and tactics that made a difference I WILL SHUT UP NOW BUT THIS BOOK IS WRONG ABOUT SOMETHING I CARE ABOUT AND IT IS DRIVING ME NUTS. I suppose it's too much to expect an art historian to care about Korean naval history.

this is my own fault

Apr. 17th, 2019 04:36 pm
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Hundred Words just lost all 1,000 words of today's writing because of a bug I'd known about. I just hadn't realized it was that bad. If you Hide (command-H) the app, new text disappears. Last time I was able to recover it; this time I wasn't.


I guess I...start over, and return to using Scrivener for production work until I figure out where in tarnation that bug is coming from.


I was halfway done with today's writing, and now I'm back to 0. I guess I'll try to recover the 1,000 words and call it a day. This is just demoralizing. *sob*


Art (Poetry Illustration - Guardian)

Apr. 17th, 2019 04:50 pm
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Been working on this piece for almost a week now, and it's finally done! \o/

Title: Who we would be (you used to know)
Artist: [personal profile] goss
Rating: G
Fandom: Guardian
Characters: Shen Wei/Zhao Yunlan
Content Notes: Created for [community profile] drawesome Challenge #24: Poetry Illustration. This was directly inspired by [personal profile] china_shop's excellent Guardian fan-poetry things you used to know. This piece was painted with a combination of watercolours and acrylics.

Sketching out these characters' facial feature right was a real challenge, especially the eyes and mouth, and then overlaying it with the watercolour after felt like walking a tightrope act. :b To get the galaxy effect, I found a whole bunch of useful tutorials on YouTube on how to go about painting one with watercolours. I tried my hand at it and am satisfied with the overall effect. :)


Click here for entire artwork )

technical help Q

Apr. 17th, 2019 01:09 pm
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ETA: Mission accomplished--the key is to run Notepad as administrator and then re-edit the hosts file. That enabled me to access regular and nuke my Twitter account! *\o/* I guess the catten origami pics will just have to live on my phone, LOL.

Is anyone here knowledgeable in the ways of Twitter?

What I'm trying to do: deactivate my account, nuke it from orbit, whatever. I never want to look at it again.

Why I can't: Every time I go through the steps and hit the "Deactivate this account" button, it auto-relogs me in, reloads, and reactivates the account. It's infuriating.

Possible complication: I can only access, not actual, because a year or so back I brilliantly blocked on my Windows and Mac machines, but neglected to block I cannot figure out how to undo whatever it was--something about blocking websites. The last time I tried to re-edit whatever file on my Windows machine, it wouldn't let me save it even though I'm the admin on this computer. I'm foxed.

tl;dr if you are good at computers and know how to make this happen, it would improve my life immensely.
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Masterlist of links


I'm enjoying it so far, even if she's a little shippier with Zen than I like.

Read more... )


Apr. 16th, 2019 10:37 pm
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Joe and I just finished watching Maoyu on Crunchyroll. This was Joe's Bad Anime Date Night pick that turned out to be excellent, with two large caveats.

Maoyu is set in a medievalesque fantasy world where humans who follow a united church devoted to the Light Spirit (subtitles use she/her pronouns, I'm not sure about the actual Japanese) are at war with demons under a Demon King. In the very first episode, when the Hero goes to slay the Demon King, she (it's a title; the current Demon King happens to be a woman) spends the entire episode explaining the economic foundations of the war and how she plans on stopping the war so that everyone in the world can find out what a world at peace looks like. I fell in love right there and then.

Let me tell you first why you should watch this anime; and then let me tell you why you might not want to.

Whoever wrote created the source manga clearly has a love of medieval history; this will appeal to anyone who liked Western Civ or, alternately, lovingly buying up tech tree developments in games like Civilization or Age of Empires. Pretty much all the developments you might expect happen, from the introduction of improved crop rotations to the potato, from the establishment of education for serfs to the invention of the printing press. There's even a Protestant movement-alike and the development of the smallpox vaccine. And I could go on. These all come from the Demon King, who passes as a human and calls herself the Crimson Scholar, operating out of a small country in the south as she expands her influence. (Aside: this setting appears to take place in some kind of southern hemisphere equivalent despite being medievalesque.)

I actually kind of wonder how this reads to a Japanese audience; I have no idea to what extent Western Civ is, like, common knowledge in the target audience. (For example, I suspect my mom would have found at least some of these references opaque even though they were obvious to Joe and me.)

It is extraordinarily rare that I encounter female Chessmaster characters. The Demon King is an extraordinary and compassionate Chessmaster with a vision of improvements both for her subjects and for the humans who are supposed to be her enemies. I loved her from the beginning. The Hero, by way of contrast, appears to spend most of the show doing nothing but hanging about waiting for some action. It turns out that he is, in fact, really good at what he does, but he is either On or Off, no in-betweens, which makes it really hard for him to get involved unless he is literally engaged in army-destroying actions. He actually does have extremely powerful healing magic, but the Demon King usually arranges things so that his healing magic isn't needed until the complications begin.

I also loved the three-way relationship between the Hero, his comrade the Knight (a woman who, in RPG terms, is the same level as he is in her class), and the Demon King. They actually tease an OT3 here, including one delightful scene in which the Maid (who is something more like a ninja, including occult powers) throws both the Demon King and the Knight into the Hero's bedroom, and they spend the night sleeping chastely together, the Hero in the middle, the Demon King and the Knight on either side holding hands with him. MY HEART. And despite occasional awkward fits of jealousy, the Knight and the Demon King talk to each other maturely and they are genuinely friends.

And this isn't even getting into the peasant girl who is taken in by the Demon King and the Maid, receives an education, and who has what is perhaps the best character arc of all the characters.

ETA: I forgot to explain what's up with the names! No one has a name in the usual sense. Everyone gets a "name" according to their role. Hence Demon King, Hero, Knight, Mage, Winter King, etc. It was so nice not having to memorize made-up names. *looks shifty*

So, the downsides. The first, and this I consider (alas) the price of admission to an awful lot of anime: the fanservice. The Demon King is, shall we say, quite busty. Almost every episode has a few seconds of fanservice or boob jokes. I found this really aggravating but loved the rest of the show with its politics and economic maneuvers and battles and technological advancements and characters to put up with it.

The second downside is that this is based on a series of light novels with various manga adaptations, none of which finish where the light novels do, and only some? of which are available in English. The anime is only twelve episodes and does not end at any kind of reasonable stopping point. Eps. 11 and 12 in particular are extremely rushed, open up a metric ton of complications, and leave you hanging without resolving anything.

I am contemplating making Joe just acquire the damn manga that do exist so I can get some peace because I want more of this. XD It's vanishingly rare that Joe picks up Bad Anime for Bad Anime Date Night that I like this much!


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