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Jun. 24th, 2017 12:47 pm
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Hello, and welcome to [community profile] drawesome! We are a friendly community of fan-artists who enjoy drawing. We hope to inspire and motivate each other to practice and hone our drawing skills in a stress-free, supportive environment.

As a start, I'm thinking maybe weekly themed drawing exercises to get the ball rolling, as well as larger collaborative projects later on. Stay tuned!

Please feel free to drop by and say hello in the Introduce Yourself post. :)

Posting Guidelines and FAQ

Details about posting, as well as Frequently Asked Questions can be found here


Here are some banners to promote our new community, as well as helpful code under each one, which you can copy/paste straight into your journal. 4 Banners )
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Hello everyone, it's been just over a month since [community profile] drawesome opened its doors. Thanks to all who spread the word about the community, we now have a total of 59 members. \o/

To enhance everyone's experience here, and to give us a general idea of fan-artists' expectation for the comm, it would be greatly appreciated if all of our members take this poll. Thank you!

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 3

As a Drawesome Community Member, I intend to: (check all that apply to you)

View Answers

Take part in the Weekly Challenges and/or other drawing exercises
3 (100.0%)

Leave Feedback for our Artists
2 (66.7%)

Participate in Discussions
2 (66.7%)

Post Prompts and Ideas
0 (0.0%)

Share information about Art-oriented Resources/Activities
2 (66.7%)

Observe the community only, until I am able to contribute in one of the above
1 (33.3%)

Do something else, which I will tell you about in the comments
1 (33.3%)

It's been a few weeks since you joined this community, Have your expectations been met so far?

View Answers

3 (100.0%)

0 (0.0%)

0 (0.0%)

I have suggests on how to improve the community, which I will tell you about in the comments
0 (0.0%)

Thanks for your input! :)
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Title: Excalibur
Artist: [personal profile] goss
Rating: G
Fandom: Merlin (BBC)
Characters/Pairings: Arthur Pendragon (with Excalibur)
Content Notes: This one's a pencil sketch. My choice of object was inspired by this gif set on Tumblr. I had to make up certain parts of the sword for both perspective drawings, and found this YouTube vid really helpful as a starting point: How to draw a sword in perspective.


(Click for larger image at my journal)
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Drawesome Weekly Challenge #4 - One Object, Two Perspectives

For our fourth challenge:

One Object, Two Perspectives

Choose any object or artefact, and draw it from two different perspectives.

The object you choose to draw can be either fandom or non-fandom-related. It can be drawn from different angles. eg. front, top, side view, etc.

(Thanks to [personal profile] mific for the prompt ideas for this week's challenge)

A round-up post for submissions to this challenge will be done on Friday 28th July, 2017.

Happy drawing, everyone! :D
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Congratulations to our participants this week! :)

Drawesome's Weekly Challenge #3 - Song Lyric Prompt

Here's a round-up of all entries submitted for the Weekly Challenge #3: Song Lyric Prompt:

Previous Challenges:
  1. Weekly Challenge #1 - Squiggle Challenge | Round-Up Post
  2. Weekly Challenge #2 - Word Prompt: Villainous | Round-Up Post

As usual, these challenges remain open to later entries.

Look for a new weekly drawing challenge to be posted tomorrow!
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Title: Bulletproof
Artist: [personal profile] goss
Rating: G
Fandom: Wonder Woman (2017), DCU
Characters/Pairings: Diana
Content Notes: This is a quick one, sketched with pencil. Don't have the time to do a proper watercolour painting job as yet. So in the mean time, I've added some digital tinting in Photoshop, as well as played around with the lighting. I actually like the results. ^___^ Inspired by Titanium by David Guetta featuring Sia (Ricochet, you take your aim, fire away...).


(Click for larger image at my journal)
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Remix Revival 2017

In case anyone else has been hanging out for a panfandom remix exchange that allows for fanart as well as fanfic.

I've linked this a few places because I am super excited. Afaict the only other time there's been a panfandom fanart remix exchange was the one I ran in 2014, [community profile] fanartremix. Which was lots of fun but taught me that I am not up for modding exchanges, so I have spent the last three years sadly waiting for someone else to create another opportunity. And now they have :D

If you want to see some other fanart remixes there was a bunch for Ladystuck Remix 2016.
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Title: You Know By Now
Artist: sqbr
Rating: G
Fandom: The Adventure Zone
Characters/Pairings: Lucretia and the Voidfish
Content Notes: Digital art based on Wise Up by Aimee Mann.

Image and description at tumblr
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I meant to finish and post this earlier! Ah well.

Title: Poison Ivy
Artist: [personal profile] minoanmiss
Rating: G
Fandom:DC Comics
Characters/Pairings: Poison Ivy, some plants
Content Notes: None really. Digitally colored drawing.

Read more... )
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Title: Good Morning Starshine  on AO3
Artist: [personal profile] mific 
Rating: Teen
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Characters/Pairings: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
Content Notes: The morning after John and Rodney's first time. Warning only for extreme sappiness and fluff.  Pencil drawing.
I happened to be listening to some old 'blast from the past' sixties classics, and felt like drawing the boys.
Rodney's so smug and happy the next morning John can't resist grabbing his guitar and singing 'Good Morning Starshine' to him - one of the first songs he ever learned to play. Rodney scoffs at the ridiculous 'nibby nabby noopy' lyrics, but he finds himself humming it off and on all day in the labs, and smiling. (Here's an especially cute Muppet version of the song).

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This is a Discussion post for a topic many Fan-Artists are currently concerned with: Image Hosting. (thanks to [personal profile] mekare for highlighting the issue)

Please take a moment to fill out the poll below... )

...and then feel free to use the comments sections to elaborate on your choices, post questions, suggestions, advice, and any other discussion dealing with the topic.
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Drawesome Weekly Challenge 3 - Song Lyric

For our third challenge:

Create a drawing inspired by a lyric from one of your favourite songs.

Include the song or lyric you used in the Content Notes when posting your work.

Posting Reminders:
  • Submissions for Weekly Challenges can be as simple as a quick doodle, or as elaborate as you wish.
  • You have the option of submitting your entry as its own post, or by replying in the Comments section of this post.
  • Posting Guidelines and Template can be found here.

A round-up post for submissions to this challenge will be done on Friday 21st July, 2017.

Happy drawing, everyone! ♪ ♫
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Congrats to all our artists who took on this week's challenge:

Drawesome's Weekly Challenge #2 - Word Prompt

Here's a round-up of all entries submitted for Weekly Challenge #2: Word Prompt - Villainous:
Well done, everyone! \o/

As usual, weekly challenges will remain open to art submissions even after the week is up.

We would like to take a moment to especially thank all our members who have been posting art and comments to the community so far. We understand, as fellow artists, how much effort and courage it takes to create and post in a public space. So thank you for getting this new community off the ground - without you there would be no community. And we do look forward to further participation from our growing numbers here.

Look out for a new drawing challenge to be posted tomorrow morning! :D
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Title: Red Demon
Artist: [personal profile] sexycazzy 
Rating: PG
Fandom: Charmed
Characters/Pairings: Balthazar (Cole)
Content Notes: digital art

Red Demon )
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Title: Kick-ass Dottie
Artist: [personal profile] mekare
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Marvel's Agent Carter
Characters: 'Dottie Underwood'
Content Notes: canon-level violence (she is a Red Room Graduate)
Medium: watercolour, inks (details in my journal)


Dottie's face preview

Full art and WIP images in my journal

I wasn't quite sure if I should post this image-dump here so I posted it in my journal just in case.
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 Last week I did Dean, so this week it's Sam's turn. The prompt was a word - villainous. So I had to try Samifer, and then I had to gif it. I'm still not very slick at this animation business but it's fun.
Teaser - click to see the whole gif and stills on my journal
DW weekly-2 villainous-1.4 tease
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Title: Kolyaaa
Artist: [personal profile] mific 
Rating: G
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Characters/Pairings: Acastus Kolya
Content Notes: The villainous Kolya!  Known by SGA fans as Kolyaaa for maximum villainous effect. The weird gun is a Genii model. 

Plain pencil drawing

Pencil drawing with digitally added background

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Title: Me A Monster
Artist: [personal profile] goss
Rating: G
Fandom: Black Sails
Characters/Pairings: Captain Flint
Content Notes: Drawn and shaded with watercolour pencils, with watercolour paint applied to the background.


(Click for larger image at my journal)
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Title: Universe's Most Fashionable Villainess
Artist: [personal profile] korafox
Rating: G
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Missy
Content Notes: No content warnings. Drawn with Pentel pocket brush ink pen.

Drawsome prompt--"Villainous"

I love everything about Missy's wardrobe. She rocks her style and she knows it.
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Hey everyone, sorry I'm late for the challenge - I was still traveling on Friday. So here is my entry.

Title: The Witness
Artist: [personal profile] mekare
Rating: G
Fandom: Star Trek
Characters/Pairings: James T. Kirk, Leonard McCoy, Spock, cat
Content Notes: pencil drawing done on a train (with a tired Dutch guy traveling home to Amsterdam sitting next to me)

Spock and cat 1000Read more... )
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Weekly Challenge #2: Word Prompt

Our new drawing challenge this week will be a word prompt: VILLAINOUS

Thanks to all who have been commenting with prompts and ideas at the Prompts Post, and especially to [personal profile] chacusha for this week's word prompt.

A round-up post for submissions to this challenge will be done on Friday 14th July, 2017.

Happy drawing, everyone! \o/


Notes on Posting Artwork
  • Posting Guidelines can be found here.
  • Artists have the option of contributing artwork for the challenge by either (a) posting your own entry to the community or (b) commenting to this post with your artwork.
  • Artists may submit multiple artworks for a challenge.
  • Members are encouraged to submit artwork to each Weekly Challenge by Friday, to facilitate a weekly Round-Up post on Friday evenings, however the challenge will remain open to subsequent entries.


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